Teaching is my life's passion. I wouldn't know who to be if I didn't teach.


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My experience teaching theatre ranges from devising collaborative work with high school students to using creative movement for storytelling with toddlers.

At present I teach musical theatre as a Director/Choreographer with TADA! Youth Theater. I really enjoy my work with this company because I get to collaborate with students while they gain skills in acting, singing and dancing. It is challenging in many ways, and I'm always finding new ways to reach my students.

I also teach arts integrated curricula - which I am very passionate about. I believe that theatrical elements greatly improve a student's desire and capacity to learn. Arts integrated classes have the potential to cultivate critical thinking and problem solving skills for everyday life challenges; that's something worth giving the next generation. 



I love to dance, and I'm happy to teach anyone what I know about it! I participate primarily in partner dancing - both swing and blues dancing. 

Blues dancing is my main focus because this style of dancing fits with my belief that emotional education is important. Partner social dancing can teach a person a lot about themselves, how they treat others, and how to listen to others - it is a sincere and thorough lesson in respect.

This belief has lead to my work Dancing Classrooms, where I teach 5th graders how to ballroom dance. It's some of the most rewarding work I could possibly do.

I also believe in dance as an evolutionary artistic expression. Dance is a form of art that is malleable. This means you can not only mix various styles together, you can also integrate the artist's personality. I think it's a beautiful marriage of form and individuality. 




University of Northern Colorado - Greeley, CO
B.A. Theatre Education
 - Math Education
 - Creative Writing

Colorado Department of Education - Secondary Teacher Certification in Theatre Arts (Grades 6-12)


Devising Theatre
Stage Management
Technical Theatre
    - Scenic Design,              Construction and Art            - Properties