About Me...


That's one word to describe my entire personality. I don't know how to do anything without passion.

From a very young age I knew that I must be a writer. It was never a question of desire - it was a matter of need. I write as much as I can whenever possible. My writing has been geared toward my self awareness and self reflection. As I continue to discover the unique and incredible power of words, I use them to create work that challenges and encourages my audience in emotional and intellectual ways. I do this with various forms of writing, I try to fit the form to the message. The bottom line for me though, is that I must write.

In college, I discovered that I feel the same way about teaching. If I'm not teaching, I'm not happy. Presently I work as a teaching artist in New York City. I teach ballroom dancing, musical theatre and story building. It is such a pleasure to bring performing arts to students all over New York City. I love to encourage them to embrace and overcome their challenges both inside and outside my classroom.

My first true love was dance. I honestly feel that I could dance before I could walk. It started in my grandmother's dance studio when I was small. As a result I cannot recall a day that I didn't know how to dance. For me, dancing is my art and my hobby. I do it for fun, and I like to teach it because it's fun. I believe t's the best way to spread joy to others. I also enjoy challenging myself to get better at it. 

Besides that, I really like to people watch and eat ice cream - at the same time if possible.