Don’t give me back. 
All else can wait. 
Though cold winds may open
        the door, your warmth holds me
              calling for honesty
I want to give words flight
Let it all spill out like a broken spout
Hoping it sticks to you like smoke on my teeth. 
Lover! Let me stay! Fill my space – 
        keep my feet off the floor! 
Hold my heart away from the flame. 
Allow me not the short glory of spring or fall,     
grant me every season. As your ticking watch, 
I desire to be constant. 

Yet this shall pass like moments do
As it fades, encourage my feet
Anchor them with your gentle love
       lest my fear run them away
Stand on my toes, kiss my face
that I may stay abreast of truth.
I will shelter your heart in mine
      Until time returns us
            Keep me!