Pseudo-doctor, four feet tall
Shows her into the exam room.
The too-big-for-him stethoscope
Dangling from his ears,
“Breathe in…good!

Breathe out…good!”
Hanging the stethoscope round
His neck – the way real doctors do – 
Proceeds to ask whether or not his
Patient has had any new aches or pains.
“Oh yes, Doctor. 

It’s very strange!”
Pseudo-patient, little feet and shoes
Sits on the examination table.
A too-tall tale about
Such pain in her cheek!
“It feels like a toothache.

But it can’t be a toothache.”
Pinching her tender cheek with
His finger – the way real doctors don’t – 
Finds the cause of ache
With a look of much disdain.
“It is a threatening cyst,

And we must take it out!” 
Pseudo panic, stifled giggles
Fill the room as they prepare.
Little doctor shifts the smaller patient
Into the eye of a simple surgical light.
“I have to get my tools…

Don’t move.”
Trusting him completely she is
Still – the heat from the already
Too-close-to-her-face light
Feels like coals from the
Heart of the sun. “ ‘Thaniel…

The light is really hot.”
False awareness, a wave of his hand
Preparing his surgery tools:
An otoscope, tongue depressors,
Cotton swabs, and a reflex hammer.
“Nate, it’s really hot…

Rushing to the table, removing the
Light, gasps – the way a real doctor might – 
A little black circle of burnt skin
On her check. Eyes wide he runs,